Precisely, what’s powering the surge in sales for Bullet Girl jewelry it’s worth investigating. The collection is a the high priority for fashion trendsetters around the globe. Choose from a selection of colors and styles to look bright and cool for a warm summer season. All by Bullet Girl
  • BulletGirl 1: 223 REM bullets with pink lucite tips bracelet in plated rose gold,  retail $850
  • BulletGirl 2: assorted single bullet pendant necklaces in plated 24k, rose gold and rhodium, retail $150 -$250
  • BulletGirl 3: .357 MAG stackable rings in plated 24k, rose gold and rhodium,  retail $150-$185
  • Creative Director:  Joseph DeAcetis
  • Photographer:  Cameron R Neilson
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