• Hublot Big Bang Earl Grey Collection
  • Price $32,700.
  • Sold at  NYC Hublot boutique at 692 Madison Ave (at 62st) New York, NY 100665  212-308-0408
  • For other areas- there is the locator on www.Hublot.com


Hublot debuted this piece in New York during Fashion Week in February as it is from the Fall 2011 season.  It is from the Big Bang Collection.  This bezel is rose gold with a beautiful diamond bezel.  This collections warms up every wardrobe and complements the subdues colors of the season; a watch that fits every occasion, day and night.  Hublot is the master in the “Art of Fusion,” the combination of unusual materials for an unexpected but sophisticated look.  The colors and materials of the Earl Gray are all in harmony, evoking the brand’s vision while creating a striking and luxurious appearance.  By Hublot-luxury timepiece.
  • Creative Director:  Joseph DeAcetis
  • Photographer:  Cameron R Neilson
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