•  Thomas Fuch’s Creative brings craftsmanship by skilled artisans to market- previously only available to the trade. TFC is an established partnership between Creative Director, Thomas Fuchs  and Director of Communications and Brand Management, Michou Mahtan. 

Traditional techniques such as hand-carving, lost wax casting as well as glass-blowing are accessible at an interesting price-point without having had to compromise on  the captivating design aesthetic.  Launching into the retail market with a line of home accessories and bar-ware, this full-bodied collection gives an entree into an exciting new consumer genre in which the female consumer can relate to and the male consumer can appreciate.  TFC brings a twist to the common perspective given the collections such as “Remains” using the skull as a tool for inspiration; “Botanicals” of killer plants and inlaid unassuming “Bubbles”.  This precisely timed launch justifies retail purchasing by encouraging the consumer to build a timeless collection of daily objects that evoke emotion while at the same time, being functional.  Both charmingly sophisticated and impressively elaborate, this collection lends itself to a natural tendency and playful fondness of a contemporary mix of style and design. These photographs of the bar-ware collection have been made at Thomas Fuchs beach cottage where the colors, furniture, and artwork complement  his design philosophy. Fuch’s, has been inspired by drawing on his focus of frequent week-end entertaining at his ingeniously balanced home- nestled away in  a quaint beach community.


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    Love the glasses..

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